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Blog III. Spreckles Mural in San Diego, CA

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California Artworks Artist, Matthew Cavanagh recently gave Speckles Elementary School in San Diego a new look by completing a 100 foot mural that can be seen in the front of the school! 


The Beautification Initiative is brining new life to San Diego schools and has an overwhelmingly positive response from faculty, students and the community. 
Here's a step by step process on how Matthew conceptualized, designed and created his latest mural masterpiece. 
First, Matthew sketched the design and made it come to life by adding the details and colors. Once he had a final design the fun part started! 
The wall needed a new smoother surface to paint. Matthew sculpted stucco to form the outline of the mural to create a 3D look. Then covered the stucco with a base coat to give the colors a brighter finish. 
For the next couple weeks Matthew tackled the mural by 20 feet sections until it was complete! 
Matthew is currently working on a few more mural projects. Check back to see what he creates! 

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