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Blog II. California Murals Build a Sense of Community

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If you look, there's a wealth of art to be found in out-of-the-way nooks and crannies of any world city. 
Murals have been around as long as people. From cave paintings to the street art murals of today, people have been leaving signs of their own existence in many places around the world. 
Over the course of time, murals have covered the interiors and exteriors of many public and private buildings spreading onto the streets, all the while keeping their initial meaning and purpose: to paint a picture of society, created from stories, values, dreams, change.
Because of the earliest carvings, etchings and paintings we have knowledge of our history and these murals and art hold great significance. The depicted life activities, everyday scenery and religious traditions of the time they were created in, giving us a look of our diverse cultures. 
Cities that promote local talent and engage the community have been turning empty city walls into huge public canvases and the results have a lasting effect on local neighborhoods. 
A mural is a bridge to a community. Murals depict the culture and diversity of the city while bringing the community together through the expression of human creative skill and imagination. 
Here's some of our favorite California Murals. Did we miss any? Share your favorites with us through social media! 
Balmy Alley, San Francisco Mission District
Various artists:
Mission District, San Francisco
Carlos Santana By:Mel Waters San Francisco
Dennis Hopper By. Madsteez & Mar. Venice Beach
By: Tatiana Suarez, Nosego & Pursue for Pangeaseed Foundation.  San Diego
By: Zio Zeigler for Pangeaseed Foundation. San Diego

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